How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay In Your System

What is Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth is a white colored crystal formed a drug, which is also known as crystal methamphetamine. Chalk, crank, or speed are another similar group of drugs, which contain methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is an unauthorized drug.

crystal meth

This is a cocaine group of the drug with a combination of other powerful street drugs. The maximum use of Crystal Meth is as “club drug” and taken by all age group people during the enjoyment in night clubs or at rave parties. Crystal meth also famous in parties as ice or glass.

The route of drug administration is inhalation means people used take this drug through inhaling the medication directly through the nose (snorting). Other than this, crystal meth can take by smoking it or injecting it with a needle and even it can administer through the oral route. All the route almost provides the same effects. [1]

The effects of Crystal Meth

Crystal meth has the potentiality to enhance the desire to take the drug repeatedly. Crystal meth can enhance mood and after taking this drug people has experience of the false feeling of happiness  and well-being . The following feeling also can develop:

  • Confidence enhancement
  • Hyperactivity
  • Increased energy
  • Anorexia or hunger suppression

The initial experiences provide pleasure to users, but continuous use of this drug becomes life- threatening.

Methamphetamine is a hazardous and intoxicating chemical. After intake of Crystal meth initially it stimulates the nervous system, but gradually it reaches to systemic circulation produces the poisonous  effect. Therefore, the outcome of different serious health conditions, including loss of memory,  psychotic behavior, aggression, severe cardiac problem and brain damage.

Crystal meth is a highly addictive drug. Addicted drugs utilize maximum body energy and create an overwhelming addiction or craving for the drug and that can be suppressed by taking more of the drug. The affinity of addiction of Crystal meth is strong that individual may addict after a first exposure to the drug.  Finally in maximum addiction cases with crystal meth is hard to treat and death is a most worsen outcome. [1]


Duration of Effects of Crystal Meth

Crystal myth effects can last for 6-8 hours; but that can even increase up to 24 hours. [1]

Different stages associated with Crystal Meth addiction

The Rush

This is the initial stage of Crystal Meth addiction. In this stage, the drug abuser experience increase heart rate, metabolism become fast, high blood pressure and pulse rate. This condition can last for 30 minutes.

The High

This is the next step of rush and during this stage abusers experience aggressively over confident and interfere with other’s activity like interrupt the sentence before completing other. The delusion effects enforce abuser to do repeated work with intense focusing the work. This stage can stay for 4 to 16 hours.

The Bing

This is the stage, when abuser becomes slowly addicted and feel the urge to take the drug repeatedly. The urge is uncontrollable. This stage can last for 3 to 15 days and during this stage the drug addict becomes hyperactive both physically and mentally.

In Bing stage, addict tends to have more drug at a time and initially increasing dose provides some rush  and high; but after a certain period due to the development of the tolerance with the increasing dose causes no rush or high.


This is the most dangerous stage who abuse Crystal Meth.  In this stage, the abusers become completely addicted  to Crystal Meth and does not experience any rush or high.

Addicted people increasing the dose repeatedly for experiencing the same pleasure as before, but unable to get that cause terrible feelings of blankness and craving. Skin itching, hives, insomnia are most frequent symptoms, which followed with the complete psychotic state.

He stays in his own hallucinating state, which has no relation with the real world. The addicted person may become hostile and precarious to oneself and others. The suicidal tendency becomes high.

The Crash

The total physical dependence occurs in this stage and body cannot functioning normally. The drug effects overrule the physiological functioning and sufferer becomes sleepy for whole day lifeless. The duration of the crash can last for 1 to 3 days.

Meth Hangover

In this stage, abuser becomes completely in a deteriorated state with fully exhausted mental, physical and emotional conditions. Usually this stage duration is 2 to 14 days.


Crystal Meth cannot withdraw suddenly, as it has withdrawal effect. Usually after 30 to 90 days of stopping the drug cause withdrawal symptoms, including depression, loss of energy, no pleasure experience, craving for Crystal Meth. The symptoms are severe and painful and controlling them is difficult. [2]


How Long Does Meth Stay in the System?

  • The duration of Crystal Meth stay in the system is depends on upon its plasma half-life and i.e. 12 – 34 hours. This means the plasma concentration become lower to half by 12 – 34 hours.
  • The next important feature is a time duration of the drug to eliminate from the body, which almost 2 to 10 days. The increased dose requires more time to eliminate Crystal Meth completely.
  • The duration of meth effect last in the human body is 8-24 hours.
  • In a urine test, Crystal Meth is detected up to 72 hours. [3]


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