How Long do Shrooms Stay in Your System, Urine and Blood Test


It is very important to know how long shrooms can stay in human physiological system. It has hallucinating property and after consuming shrooms many physiological effects also observed. Usually, dried powder form is available for consumption of this product. Before starting the discussion, the basic knowledge about shrooms is described below.

About Shrooms

The scientific name of the shrooms is Psilocybin mushrooms. Locally, it is also termed as “Magic” mushrooms, because it has the power to produce hallucination. Hallucination is the experience after taking shrooms, people distorted from reality and can stay in an imaginary world.

How Long do Shrooms Stay in Your System, Urine Blood Test

Even at a higher dose of the shrooms can distort the individual’s perception of vision and sound and generate thoughts of disconnected from the surroundings and one’s self.  Small dose of shrooms can produce mind relaxation.

Initial symptoms are uncomfortable for the individual which include nausea, mild elevation of blood pressure, heart beat and respiration rate. These symptoms become worse with anxiety, so it is advisable, during the first experience individual should be comfortable with the surrounding and peer group.

Shrooms do not create any physical dependence or physical adverse reaction, so it is less dangerous than the other hallucinating agent.

It also does not have a tendency to create addiction, but the effects vary from individual to individual depends upon habituation, dose of the drug, mental status. Individuals with pre-exciting mental depression can provide unpredictable drug reactions. A reminder of the past is very common incidence reported.

The duration of stay in the physiological system

The staying of shrooms in physiological system is considering the broad aspect. After taking the shrooms, the effect is started within 20- 40 minutes, in between this time psilocybin reaches in systemic circulation. The peak concentration of psilocybin in blood takes time almost 1.5 hours.

The higher effects of shrooms almost present about 3 – 6 hours, but the effect still remains for a day, as the active metabolites can stay in the body for 24 hours maximum.

During the highest concentration in blood stream, individual is completely hallucinated. The duration of stay of shrooms in the system depends upon various factors which include rate of metabolism of psilocybin, body mass index (BMI)of the individual, water intake, physical exercise and age .This can extend up to 72 hours (3 days) for chronic users only.

The duration of stay of shrooms in physiological system is also varied with shrooms species. Involvement of various factors which regulate the shrooms staying in the human body is unable to provide information about the exact time duration. The different physiological testing method helps to detect the presence of shrooms in the body.

Shrooms Urine and blood test

The detection of shrooms in the body is detected by various tests. The result is varied with selected parameters. Usually urine and blood test can help to determine the Psilocybin presence in the human body.

In urine test, shrooms can be detected in the body for 2 to 5 days, though the effect is lesser, but still remain in the body.

In blood test shrooms can find within 1.10 hours and after that, it can find in many more days, depending upon the complete removal from the body. But after pecked up concentration, the result will be gradual decreased, as the shrooms become degraded within the body’s physiological system.

Other than this, the drug is also tested by saliva testing and hair follicle testing. In saliva test, the detection of shrooms varies in between 1 to 5 days. The test result obtain in case of hair follicle testing, it can be possible up to 3 months presence of the shrooms.


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