How Long Do Shrooms Stay In Your System

What is Shroom?

Almost 200 variety of mushrooms is available with the presence of multiple organic compounds. Locally shroom is known as “magic mushroom”. The shrooms are also termed as ‘psychedelic mushrooms’, because of organic compound ‘psilocybin ‘ present in it. [1]

Shrooms Stay

Shroom metabolites

Psilocybin is a prodrug and inactive itself. But after ingesting shrooms, the inactive psilocybin is metabolized and transformed to active compound “psilocin”. Psilocin exerts its effect by acting as a partial agonist of 5-HT2A receptor. Less effectively psilocin partially provides agonistic effect at 5-HT1A, 5-HT1D, 5-HT2D receptors. Altogether, these effects can increase dopamine quantity within the basal ganglia. [1]

Effects of Shroom

After oral ingestion of shroom, it becomes metabolized in the digestive tract. During metabolism the active compound of psilocybin altered into “psilocin”. Psilocin is structurally analogs to serotonin and can absorb into the blood stream and bind to serotonin receptors. Therefore, Psilocin can provide both dopamine and serotonin effects.

The increased amount of dopamine is the magic trick of shroom and provide following physiological effect:

  • Time dilation
  • Euphoria (mood alterations)
  • Dissociation
  • Supernatural/saintly experiences
  • Both visual and/or auditory hallucinations
  • The main purpose of using shrooms is getting the hallucinogenic and psychotomimetic effect. Some individuals want to experience the spiritual purpose and/or to discover untouched aver of consciousness and they also take shroom.

The above mentioned favorable action of shroom may use for treating depression. But noxious effects of shroom also exerts to some individuals, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Increased depression
  • Low mood
  • Paranoia

The duration of experiences shroom’ s effect depends on upon how long it can stay in the system. [1,2]

How long do “Shrooms” stay in your system? (Psilocybin)

How Long Does Shrooms Stay in System

It is important to know that how long shrooms stay in the body system or within how much time shrooms and its metabolites including psilocin cleared out from the system. The elimination of drug depends upon half-life, whereas the route of administration can affect the half-life of the drug.

In the oral administration of shrooms, the half-life is almost 2hours and 43 minutes, means the 50% of the drug can clear from the system within the mentioned time period. The half-life of shrooms can provide the estimated time for the complete eliminating time of shrooms . Complete psilocybin elimination after oral ingestion from the body requires almost 15 hours.

In the intravenous administration of shrooms, the half-life becomes shorter and it becomes almost 74.1 minutes. The complete elimination of psilocybin requires approximately 7 hours.

The 50% of “psilocin”, the active metabolite of shrooms require almost 50 minutes and complete removal need approximately 4.58 hours to eliminate out from the body.

Therefore, within 24 hours, shrooms with its active metabolites are completely removed from the physiological system of any healthy individual. [3]

Shrooms or Psilocybin Detection Tests

There are different tests are conducted for detecting shrooms or its metabolites in the system. The included tests are urine tests, blood tests, and hair tests. Among these tests, the easiest detection is possible via a urine test, but hair follicle test offer detection of shrooms for a longer period.

Urine tests

A urine test is most commonly conducting a test for detection of shrooms in the system. A urine test is non -invasive method. A fresh urine sample of the subject is collected for a urine detection test. SPE or solid phase extraction analysis is conducted to check the presence of its metabolite “psilocin.” The detection period of  shrooms with its metabolite (psilocin) is 24 hours within urine.

The time detection period can alter for prolonged user of shrooms within taking a high dose. In this case, psilocybin metabolites stay measurable between 24 to 48 hours. The detection of the shrooms in a urine test is much expensive. but it gives longer window period than a blood test.

Blood tests

The blood test is invasive, therefore does not frequently acceptable method. A blood test is conducted to get the history of recent administration of shrooms. Blood has relatively short window period. The active metabolite of shrooms is found in blood within half an hour after the ingestion of psilocybin.

The psilocin detection period in the blood may extend up to five hours after psilocybin ingestion. Blood test for shrooms usually conducted when a patient admitted in clinical settings and unable to go for a urine test. Blood tests for shrooms are generally set aside for scientific research.

Hair tests

For conduction of a hair follicle test requires twenty to fifty hair follicles with at least 3 to 5 cm collected from the head of a potential user. The collected samples are sent to a laboratory for evaluation. The samples are tested under mass spectrometry.

Research findings showed that a shrooms user contained roughly 0.8 ng of shroom per ng of hair.

The metabolite of shrooms (psilocybin) may require a longer period to detect in hair, but it can last for several weeks (2 to 4 weeks). It is recommended that hair follicle test should conduct after a certain period of time after ingesting shrooms to permit the development of follicles imparted with psilocybin. [3]

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