Shoulder Popping

Shoulder Popping

Shoulder Popping is a phenomenon that is caused due to the irregular functionalities of shoulder. The shoulder is very sensitive and important joint of the human body. There are ligaments, cartilages. Bones, tendons and linings involved in this joint.

shoulder popping image

Shoulder popping image.

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All of them have some specific role in smooth functioning of the shoulder. However, external injuries stress or over exercise may cause damage to any of the part of the shoulder and that can cause popping or snapping of shoulder. It is one of the most common problems of shoulders and generally referred as the Shoulder Popping in medical science. It can happen due to any trauma, accident, stress or internal injury.

Why does my shoulder pop? / Causes

This is the most frequent question asked by everyone is that how does that happen. The shoulder is a very crucial and well maintained joint then how it pops. The external and internal injuries are very generic reasons for the shoulder popping. However, there are specific reasons for shoulder popping.

  • Sometimes muscle or tendon gets inflamed and when you try to move it, a popping sound is created. This is general because of the bigger size of the muscle or tendon. It may not be painful.
  • Ligament which acts as a connector to bones moves from the original position and that can create shoulder popping as well. However, you may not feel pain in such popping as well.
  • The postural problem can lead to problems in the motion of the shoulder which can make the shoulder popping.
  • If any bone breaks due to any trauma, then popping sound comes out. It may be extremely painful. In most of the cases, the shoulder popping of this sort does not allow movement as well. It is also possible with the dislocation of the bone due to trauma or external injuries.
  • Bursitis is the sacs of fluid in the shoulder. It helps to lubricate shoulder, but inflammation to these sacs may cause shoulder popping and immense pain.
  • Joint Inflammation or chronic arthritis problem can also be the reasons of shoulder popping.

Symptoms of Shoulder Popping

The symptoms of the shoulder popping depend upon plenty of things. Popping is related and associated with shoulder and the other complexities. Sometimes it is really harmless and sometimes it may require serious medical attention. It is very important to understand and observe the symptoms of the Shoulder Popping.

  • The shoulder makes cracking and popping sound.
  • There may or may not be pain involved in popping sound. It can be continuous pain or pain during the movement. Sometimes you may have the pain during sleep as well.
  • Movements always create pain in and around the shoulder while making movements. The range of arms can also create severe pain in the shoulder due to the popping.
  • Inflammation can be seen at the shoulder and that can very well indicate the shoulder popping. You may or may not have the pain associated with it, but that certainly indicates popping.
  • You may have prolonged and severe pain at the shoulder mostly at the joint of the shoulders and it also creates the popping sound.

These are all associated with the shoulder popping and one must be very careful to medically address it as soon as possible.

Treatment of Shoulder Popping

Treatment of the shoulder popping depends upon the severity and criticality of the pain and the problem. Sometimes, the minor problems with tendons, ligaments or even muscle can create shoulder popping. These are not serious issues for shoulder popping and may not require treatment as well. One can get some rest and may do light shoulder exercises to address the problem.

The treatments generally follow the reasons and severity into account in case of shoulder popping. Anti inflammatory drugs are the most common medicine for such problems like Ibuprofen and Aspirin. However, when the treatment of shoulder popping comes, it is generally alternative medicine.

The Physiotherapy is the most common treatment of the shoulder popping. However, there are many natural methods of treating the problem as well. For example, applying moistures on the area of pain, or ice can be very helpful for the shoulder popping. General exercises for motions are not less helpful as well and can be very effective for the treatment of shoulder treatment.

In case of high severity and surgeries generally are carried out to address such problems in shoulder popping.



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