Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

What is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is an issue that is seen during the pregnancy among the women. The pelvis structure bones start having immense pain during the pregnancy.

symphysis pubis dysfunction-in-pregnancy

Basically the Symphysis Pubis is a joint that connect the two halves of the pelvis. However, the pelvis needs to be softened for the baby to pass and body has a mechanism to do it. The ligament that connects the two bones of pelvis gets softened by the hormone Relaxin and widens the gap between the two bones of the pelvis.

As the bone widens for baby to pass, the joint may experience inflammation and pain just before the baby delivery or right after that. This is called as the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. This is very common during the pregnancy and is treatable syndrome. The gap between the pelvises is on average 2mm to 5mm during this procedure and the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction sees around 3mm widening.

Symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

During pregnancy the mother remains under very careful observation and that is why it is easy to understand the symptoms of the syndrome. It has to be remembered always that the symptoms should be carefully seen in order to diagnose the problem. Here are the symptoms associated with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

  • The patient will suffer from tremendous back in association with the Pelvic Griddle Pain or more commonly hip pain.
  • The patient will feel clicking or grinding sensation on the public areas because of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.
  • The pain will be slowly transferred to the thighs and legs from the hip region.
  • The patient will not be able to walk, climb up, climb down, run or do any similar activities for the inflammation and the pain.
  • The pain gets even worse during the night time. The patient may get sleepless nights for the pain and that can in turn affect the mother and the baby.

Causes of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

The causes of the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction are not so complex or frightening. However, these are very genuine. The hormones released from the body actually shift the pelvic bones more and that can cause the pain or inflammation.


However, that does not mean that the gap is responsible for pain and inflammation or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It occurs when one pelvic shifts more as compared to others. There are other reasons as well.

If the patient is overweight then the tendency of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction gets even more. It has been seen that the girls who get their periods before 11 years tend to develop Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction more. The gap however is irrelevant to the pain and sometimes the women with normal gap also experience severe pain.

The Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is generally observed during pregnancy especially during mid pregnancy or after the birth of the child. Cause however remains the same for both the cases.

Diagnosis of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

The diagnosis of the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is easier because it occurs to the pregnant women. Patient always needs attention during pregnancy and the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction always remains on radars for the diagnosis.

The doctors or the physiotherapists check the movements of the pelvis and the patients and understand the condition of the pelvis of the griddle pain or the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. However, if the doctors do not notice it, then the patient must inform about the pain at the hip and the back. This will trigger the doctors to check for the pelvis conditions during pregnancy.

Treatment of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

When it comes to treatment, there is no drug that can be used for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. This is not a very serious disease and moreover one should not take pain killers during pregnancy due to the side effects.

There are some specific and fruitful treatment options available for the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Osteopathy and Chiropractic treatments are also believed to be very helpful for the syndrome but that should only be done after consulting the doctor.

You must contract reputed and certified practitioner only for the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. You can always wear Belt for Pelvic Support. This can give you instant relief for the pain.

Exercise is the best treatment for the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. The pelvic exercise will help the inflammation reduce and that can be extremely helpful. The Physiotherapists may give you some exact tips for the relaxation of muscles and the relief exercise from the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

The easy and systematic movements adjust the pelvic bones together. Acupuncture is another ways of treatment that can reduce the pain of the pelvic. The continous practice of the acupuncture can remove the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and reduce the inflammation as well.





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