What is Leukocytopenia?

Leukocytopenia is a disease which generally occurs suddenly in human. The disease is also known as the Leukopenia. The main reason behind the disease is the abrupt decrease of White Blood Cells in Human being. The disease is a situation when the WBC count decreases and the body become infectious.

The body becomes vulnerable to disease. Medical world sometimes says that excessive use of the Neutrophil in the body is the main reason of the Leukocytopenia. However, there is no certain answer to it. The disease is more of a consequence than cause. Doctors consider that 3500 WBC/ml of Blood is actually a low WBC Count.

However, that is just a referring number and practically the WBC count differs in accordance with the age and body. The resistive power of every individual is different and there is no specific cause to it.

Leukocytopenia is totally referred to as the failure of WBC. The WBC has many types and the disease can occur for any of the WBC cell. Apart from Neutrophill, Basophils, Eosinophils, Monocytes and Lymphocyte reductions can cause Leukocytopenia. The prime reason of the diseases is the total breakdown of the defence system of the body.



White Blood Cells are responsible for immune system of the body. The prime function of WBC is to protect the body from the foreign materials like bacteria and virus. However, if the count of WBC decrease in the body then body might not be able to resist the other diseases.

Depending upon the decrease of the WBC in the body Leukocytopenia may become mild and severe. It can be battled if it is mild, however, in case of severe Leukocytopenia, and patient may suffer a lot.

The common symptoms are the following.

  1. One of the most common Leukocytopenia symptoms is Anemia. As the White Blood Cells reduce, it may lead to Thrombocytopenia due to the damage of bone marrow. Platelets also count  reduce to a large extent due to Leukocytopenia.
  2. Patient of Leukocytopenia becomes an easy prey for the Bacteria and Virus. Lungs become an easy victim and the inflammation of lungs.
  3. Patient suffers from extremely critical Pneumonia disease. The lungs gets inflammation due to the attack of Virus and bacteria.
  4. Stomatitis is another very common symptom of the Leukocytopenia. It causes inflammation in the gums, cheeks, lips, tongue and other organs.
  5. Liver is also very frequently and commonly get affected by the bacteria. Liver infection becomes a headache for the patient.
  6. However, for women it becomes more serious, and continuous bleeding from Uterus causes Metrorrhagia and it also triggers heavy and long menstruation, which is also known as Menorrhagia.
  7. Neurasthenia is also very common among the patients of Leukocytopenia. The common problem associated with this symptom is fever, fatigue, headache, burning of the skin and many other completions
  8. Few other complications or symptoms of the Leukocytopenia are the ulcer in the mouth and other gum infections. It also increases the intention or desire to have hot drinks.
  9. It has been noticed that patients who are suffering from the hematologic malignancies are very susceptible. The observance of the cutaneous and the invasive infections are generally considered as the initial signs of the diseases. It leads to immune suppression and then finally to Leukocytopenia.

It is very important to observe and notice the symptoms of the Leukocytopenia disease. It is not easy to identify the symptoms, but it can really be helpful to treat if the symptoms are detected accurately. So, if you are falling sick way too much then the time has come to visit a doctor. The total blood count of the patient can really help to diagnose and identify the Leukocytopenia disease.


The main cause of the Leukocytopenia is supposed to be Neutrophilia. The Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte occurs due to an infection. Major Infections cause Neutrophilia, however it increases with the increase in the degree of infection.

However, other major reasons is Leukemia where Bone Marrow gets heavily damaged. HIV and AIDS are the other prime reasons for this Leukocytopenia disease. Therapies can severely damage the WBC and cause the less count to induce Leukocytopenia.

Myelofibrosis,  lymphoma, Rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Congenital disorders and Folate deficiency can also be the reason behind the Leukocytopenia or lack of White Blood Cells.

The bone marrow is the most critical reason. It has been noticed by the medical experts that sometime after the damage of the marrow, the WBC gets ruptured and then during the reformation of Bone Marrow, immature WBC gets replaced. The immature WBC remains unable to protect the body from the foreign bodies and slowly the patient develops the disease due to it.


It can become life threatening and often does not have any treatment. The lack of White Blood Cells in the body may arise due to the damage bone marrow or any other reasons. However, there are treatment possible in the Leukocytopenia.

The doctor might put the patient on the Antibiotics in order to prevent the bacteria and sepsis related danger in the body. Adequate nutrition is also provided to the patient to overcome the deficiency.

Doctors sometimes induce Cytokine into the patient so that bone marrow can reproduce the White Blood Cells. In severe cases, drugs are also applied to overcome Leukocytopenia.

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